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Paige Lobuts, founder

"There’s no time like present to invest in yourself" -- that's how Sienna Sky Boutique turned from a pipe dream into a reality.

After spending over five years in the corporate world, I kept feeling like a part of me needed to do more, and when the world paused from a pandemic, a lot of my distractions paused. During a time of doing nothing inevitably allowed me the time to think about my future and pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. However, if I was going to move full steam ahead on this dream, I needed it to be something that I was extremely passionate about which was always finding clothes and styling them!

I’ve always been passionate about the clothes that I buy, the outfits that I put together, and even the brands and products that I recommend to family and friends. That passion inspired me to create Sienna Sky Boutique, where I could find amazing brands to sell to a community of women looking to elevate their everyday wear with classic and timeless fashion!

our vision

Sienna Sky Boutique is a clothing store cut from a different cloth—one that embraces individuality and empowers the female community through style.

We offer clothing and accessories designed only by independent brands based in the USA.

We aim to elevate everyday wear through offering the latest styles in classic fashion

our style

We aim to elevate everyday wear through timeless and classic fashion. If you're a classic gal, too, then look no further than Sienna Sky Boutique for your shopping needs! We always have the latest styles in feminine, modern, and sophisticated fashion.

We're also not here to overhaul your closet. Instead, we're here to help you fill your closet with timeless clothing and accessories that are suitable for whether you're sitting on the couch, running errands, working from home or in the office, or even indulging in some mimosas at brunch with your friends.

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"A sienna sky always stands out but remains true to herself in style."

our store

Village at Leesburg

1607 Village Market Blvd SE, #118 Leesburg, VA

Closed Mondays

Tuesday - Friday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

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